Tiana gandelman

Executive producer • Creative Director • TV Producer

Tiana Gandelman is a Los Angeles-based visionary Executive Producer and Creative Director with a passion for storytelling and a knack for bringing ideas to life.

With a career spanning over a decade in the creative industry, Tiana has consistently pushed boundaries and redefined the art of visual communication.



Designing possibilites...

"My mission is to ignite the spark of artistic excellence within every creative. Through empowering narratives, insightful guidance, creative inspiration, and business knowledge, I aim to embolden others to unleash their full potential, embrace their unique voices, and cultivate transformative experiences in their craft. My goal is to create a community where passion, innovation, and authenticity come together to inspire creative individuals to break boundaries, surpass expectations, and impact the world. This vision is inclusive, dynamic, joyful, significant, and motivational. To realize this vision, I plan to embrace the project's essence, choose the perfect team to bring it to fruition, and encourage everyone involved to take pride in their work.”

-Tiana Gandelman

...Defining visions


Alex Rudzinski

Director: Live Television

As a creative director, Tiana is well-versed in dealing with behind-the-scenes crew

and on-stage talent. Seamlessly juggling the demands in front of and behind the

camera to better advance the editorial narrative of the show.”

Justin Mabardi

Creative Director

“Beyond my personal admiration for Tiana, it’s worth mentioning that the members of her teams whom I’ve met hold her in high regard. She is not just a powerhouse in her field, but also an incredibly caring, genuine and extraordinarily talented individual. Tiana excels at building and managing teams — always advocating for creativity while respecting the demands of